Photos from the Boston Marathon over the past decade...

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2008 - Boston Marathon #11

Okay, Adidas had a booth this year where you could scan your number, hop up onto a ramp and take a photo. Above you, a different saying with your name popped up on the marquee.

Mine was the subject of ENDLESS laughs!

2007 - Boston Marathon #10

Amber's poster at the Pasta Party

Amber and I approaching the finish
2007 shirrt

2006 - Boston Marathon #9

2006 shirt

Meeting Mom at the halfway point

Amber running to the end with me

2005 - Boston Marathon #8

Pasta Party

2005 Shirt

Coming toward the finish line

2004 - Boston Marathon #7

Dana-Farber Marathon Challenge Pasta Party the night before the marathon

Me and Amber with other patient-partners - Amber's the one who is pretty in pink

Amber's larger-than-life poster
Amber gets her tummy painted to be like the crazy runners who write all over themselves
My 2004 singlet

Me holding Amber at Mile 25

Amber joins me to walk the final mile

Me carrying Amber over the finish line

Ridiculously late, but still winners!

2003 - Boston Marathon #6

2003 Boston Marathon!
Belinda ran the last eight miles with me.
Boston Herald
, page M18, Tuesday, April 22, 2003


2003 singlet

Anyone have photos from 2002 - Boston Marathon #5?

2001 - Boston Marathon #4

Crossing the starting line in 2001

2001 DFMC team before the start


Waiting in the last corral to walk six blocks
to the actual start in 2001

Me and Linda (Brittany's mom) in 2001
at the 25 mile mark

2000 - Boston Marathon #3

Me running by my mother, grandmother and sister at the halfway point in Wellesley Center in 2000


Brianne (blue jacket) and Tom (gray sweatshirt)
dragging me in under 5 hours in 2000

1999 -Boston Marathon #2

Me and Tom on our way out to Hopkinton in 1999

My singlet from the 1999 Boston Marathon with
the names of family and friends

Me and fellow DFMC runner Tom Ahearn running
through Wellesley Hills (15 miles) - 1999

1998 - Boston Marathon #1


Finish line at the 1998 Boston Marathon - my first!


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