Photos of our house....

View from the street
Front of house from driveway - we might eventually repaint the front of the house a darker slate blue. The front sidewalk is a mess, so we hope to replace it with a stone path. It gets pretty dark at night, so we have installed solar lights along the walkway.
BEFORE (May): Driveway heading toward street
AFTER (October): Decorated for Halloween
BEFORE (May): A shot of the heavily wooded backyard - we would have to clear some more if we extend the deck
BEFORE (May): Backyard extends as far back as you can see through the trees in this picture (.83 acres)
AFTER (October): Area around rhodedendrum has been cleared, and we're thinking about trimming back the rhodie and possibly moving it AFTER (October): Tom and his friend, Joel, cut down at least six major trees and cleared a significant amount of smaller trees and brush.
Facing front of house from side yard - landscaping needs some work (grass, flagstone walkway)
Small deck off of side of house with entrance near kitchen - the rest of the house has that weathered natural look
Side of house - Tom wants to replace this small deck with a wrap-around deck....
...that will extend around back of house. The double-windows on second floor at the end could eventually be replaced with sliders out to the expanded deck.
We saved the best for last: the ocean and this beach are a mere 10 minute walk (if that) away...
Facing the ocean - pretty rocky beach. We've heard that the town is clearing a path in the rocks to create an area for people to launch their boats.
Open land down to the left.
Down to the right the neighbors don't mind if you're on the beach as long as you don't climb their rock walls to their yards.


Last updated on March 29, 2008 .
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