Heather's 2010 marathon letter

Dear family and friends,

I’m sure you’re asking yourself: is she running again? The answer is yes, I’m running….and running late with my annual letter! This Monday, April 19th, I will be running the 114th Boston Marathon as a member of the Dana-Farber Marathon Challenge team. My 13th year!

I did a tally recently. Over the past twelve years, I have:
• Gone through nearly 30 pairs of sneakers – thank you, Marathon Sports
• Drank so much Gatorade (Riptide Rush, to be exact) that I should have bought stock
• Participated in hundreds of road races and received enough t-shirts that I could probably wear a different one every day for six months and not repeat
• Ran 314 miles between Hopkinton and Boston (that’s 26.2 x 12) and walked it another 2-3 times for good measure through the Jimmy Fund Walk
• Raised more than $90,000 for cancer research at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute

I stand on the brink: this year, “lucky 13,” I hope to reach 340 miles run and $100,000 raised for Dana-Farber. I hope you will help me!

I am constantly reminded that we now live in an era where all of us will know someone who has battled cancer. I have had the privilege to hear directly from researchers at Dana-Farber about the advances that have been made and how far we have come in treating cancer patients.

I am also reminded how precious our own lives are. Just this winter, both of Tom’s parents were diagnosed with various forms of skin cancer. Thankfully, both have been treated successfully. However, as I look in the mirror, I wonder: did I do enough to prevent skin cancer for myself? I think: it’s likely not a matter of if, but rather a matter of when.

And then I hope: someday, we will not only cure cancer. We will prevent it. This is why I run.

And why, you ask, was this year’s letter so late? I was running well this winter until I ran a half-marathon on Cape Cod and limped away with a painful foot injury. Three doctors, two physical therapists and one MRI later, I finally found a magician who believed in both my body and my cause, enough to tell me that I would toe the line once again. I’ll be there Monday, taped foot and all, ready to break 340 marathon miles. But I need your help to reach $100K.

Please take a few minutes today to support my 13th marathon run. 100% of your tax-deductible donation funds Barr Program researchers at Dana-Farber, ensuring novel approaches in basic cancer research.

With thanks and appreciation,

PS: As I have every year, I will be wearing the names of your loved ones, cancer victims and survivors, on my marathon-day singlet to spur me forward. Be sure to email me so I can include them.

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